So beta that it still does not have a landing page.

If you sign up you will be able to save pins, which will look something like this:

Tools Web

Pin garden

Each pin will have at least a title and (obviously) a URL, but most likely also a category and a description.
The goal of Pin garden is to let you find what you have saved.

That's it. A quick and easy way to save the best links, which are often the most hidden ones.

Is it free?
Yes, while it's in beta. In the future, it may be necessary to charge between $10 and $20 per year to make the project sustainable, if there is enough interest.
How long will it remain in beta?
Hard to predict, first it has to be tested and improved. Pin garden is a personal project, and will come out of beta when I feel the quality is sufficient not only for me but also for a wider audience.
Despite my efforts to have a reasonably secure application, Pin garden is not suitable for storing personal information or sensitive data of any kind.
I have access to all the bookmarks, and I could read all the notes. This is definitely not something I'm going to do, but it should be considered (although 99% of privacy-conscious apps work the same way).
Who are you?
Hi, this is Marco 👋. You can find more information (and several links) on my personal website.
How can I contribute?
You can help in two ways: by reporting any problems or suggestions or by making a donation. Thank you very much for your support!